How much heat

  • How much heat can Petg stand compared to PLA.

  • Maybe another 20C so not much more usually 80C even though some formulas might be slightly less. If you want heat resistant go to ABS/ASA, HIPS and Nylon. Now if you anneal PLA you are probably good to about 140-150 C

  • MatterHackers

    I can describe it more from a use perspective. I have had PLA parts in my car on a hot summer day and they warped. I have had a PETG phone holder in my car (that slides into the CD slot) for the last 2 years and it has never had any warping or softening problems.

    Very hot internal car temp:

    PLA: BAD

  • OTOH grab some PLA - MH Build PLA will work. Make sure the part is less than 50mm therabouts tall. Crank the bed up to > 80 (depending on size up to 95) use an enclosure (like the one you are selling) Make sure the print last > 2hours if not print a 2nd item or something else with it. when the print is done let it sit until the bed is completely cooled down. Now you have an at least partially annealed part. If you want to make double sure put it in a convection oven at about 150F for an hour and let it cool down after that. Now you got a PLA part that will beat ABS in heat resistance. But its still hard and brittle. Maybe slightly less brittle but still brittle like PLA is.

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