New roll of NylonX issues

  • I use nothing but NylonX on my Pulse XE, I just finished a few prints and was just about of filament, so I retracted the filament and installed a new roll which has been on my dryer that came with the printer for 2 days. I am trying to print but its only printing some times and like its not getting any filament and then starts printing, like if you draw with a pen and pull the pen off the paper midstream then move a little distance then start drawing again. Is this a bad roll of filament. I can extrude filament and it comes out normally. not sure why it wont let me post a picture.

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  • On the picture there are serious size limits on here so you got to knock the resolution way down. Even with a Print Dry you might not properly dry a filament if the environment is humid. Take some silica gel packets, dry them out in an oven at 275 F for about 2 hours then throw them into your print dry - repeat at least weekly or every time you turn it back on after you turned it off for a couple of hours or longer. Otherwise you might just blow hot wet air onto your filament.

    Also Nylon is slippery so you might slip when printing if you don't grip it hard enough with the teeth of the extruder. You might also have collected something in your nozzle. so use some other high temp filament and extrude it through. It seems you have an occasional blockage or feeding problem from what you describe

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    Martin, thanks for the input, but that's not true. Unless you are in an extremely humid environment (90+% rh), NylonX will properly dry in the PrintDry at 70C. If it is fully saturated, it can take up to 12 hours to properly dry, but generally 4-6 hours will get it dry enough to print properly.

  • thanks guys im thinking the extruder is slipping, I just tried a roll of Ryno and its doing the same thing it extrudes and then random nothing is coming out of the nozzle, I can home it and it seems to extrude just fine. I will check the teeth on the extruder and check the nozzle. thanks

  • found the issue the set screw on the bondtech extruder came loose and slide and put new groove into the other collar. I will be asking for a replacement as this is still under warrenty..

  • @cope413 Sorry but this is the advice from Thom from Taulman and it helped with some issues I had with 910 and Bridge and also other Nylons. But then you might be right as I never used Nylon with a filler only a lot without. And implementing above desribed procedure helped a lot. According to Thom at Taulman it has to do with the dew point and the fact that most print dries work in the 60-80C range which by itself does not make the air dry enough and the Nylon hot enough. Not trying to start something here but just reporting what I found through tech support. So I would like to specify my statements that above has been found true with Taulman 910, Taulman Bridge, MH BUILD PETG, Hobby KING PA, Hobby KING CX12, ESUN PA/Nylon, Hobby King PETG. So I wont make a claim for any other material at this time

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    @erievon It is under warranty, though that isn't really a warranty issue. If you're uncomfortable re-positioning the pulley and tightening the screw, we can do that for you. You would just need to disconnect the extruder motor and send it in.

    It's pretty easy to do yourself, though. If you'd like help with that process, please email support and we can take care of you quickly.

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    @mpirringer I am guessing that Tom and Taulman is suggesting that the filament is cold enough to cause dew to form during the drying process in the print dry, which would cancel out the drying.

    You need to know the relative humidity in order to know the dew point. The dew point at 70C, with a 70% rh, is around 62C.

    So, the filament would need to be at 62C or lower in temperature in order for moisture to condense out of the air.

    This would be difficult to do given that the air is constantly at 70C and is heating up the filament.

    Further, it would be highly unlikely to be at 70% rh at 70C. You would need to be adding moisture to your air.

    The print dry works for virtually all currently available filaments, in nearly all ambient conditions.

  • To quote him. "At some point you are just circulating wet air so throw the dessecant packets in the bottom and dry them out by heating them above boiling - about 275 F for a couple of hours once every week or other week" It has solved a lot of filament problems with above mentioned filaments

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    @mpirringer Adding desiccant packets to the print dry can certainly help. If nothing else, it speeds up the drying process. And if you're in a very humid environment (80-90+% rh at room temp), it may be necessary for some filaments. The vast majority of people will not need them. For those inclined, they have rechargeable tins of desiccant on Amazon for about $10. They come in aluminum cases and are color changing to indicate saturation. They are a lot easier to deal with that the paper packets.

  • Yeah and you get a packet with every roll

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