Best materials for gear reduction (cycloidal)

  • Hey'all,

    I am interested in printing gear reduction and am looking for naturally lubricious material. I am imagining nylons, but i defer to the wisdom of the hive mind.

    Some parts will just be the gear mate surfaces, some should be structural, as well.

    I may need two materials, one the ideal gear tooth material, one a material which would produce armatures which also have gear interface so would, perhaps, require more stiffness and deform less than the ideal gear material.

    Again, possibly two materials

    1. Ideal gear material
    2. Material for use in producing structural parts with gear interfaces such as an armature.



  • Any hard Nylon is fine. Taulman 910 is pretty good and so is Hobbyking CX12. Bridge Nylon if you go for a budget version. Print it solid though (up the perimeter count until you have a solid piece

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