Printer shuts off every time it tries to heat

  • I am trying to print something on my pulse C-232 printer in matter control and every time I try to heat it the printer shuts off and restarts. I am in the middle of setting up my printer and it wants the extruder to heat up which causes it to shut off. Any suggestions?

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    I would highly recommend if you have not already reached out to us at our support line of or our phone line of 949-613-5838 you do so. We are more than happy to figure out what is going on with the printer and figure out what happened. We will need to clarify and if possible get videos of what you have described as there are multiple factors that can cause what you have described and seeing exactly how the printer reacts will point us in the right direction.

    I have crossed out the recommendation from Martin as I do not agree with his input on this matter. There are a number of factors to consider and my team and I would want to take a closer look before we recommend any further action.

    Thank you,

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