Hotend Mount warning/replacement

  • Hi,
    IDK what the hotend mounts are made out on new printers. My C-232 is now going to be on the 3rd set partially. MH sent me some replacement parts in the past and some I printed. Its time to replace it all I think. Maybe redesign it. Was going to wait until the warranty is up but its getting problematic especially with the prints we currently do. So question is what is going to be the best stuff to print it out of. Here is the problem. We are printing a lot of HIPS/ABS. Here are some of the "offending" ABS prints.

    This one not that bad
    215x215mm 60mm high 590 g ABS.
    This one is the "killer"
    215x215mm plate 6mm thick almost 200g ABS.
    Problem is it needs to be printed with 100C bed so with that plate the hotend is very close to the 100C build plate. As its made of RYNO with a glass temp of somewhere between 60-70C the bottom of the hotend mount gets soft and deforms
    This is what happens to the fan shroud so I printed one out of HIPS but the mount behind it is RYNO so to keep it up and keep the weight of the shroud and bolt bending that plate and scrape the print right now its a
    tape job with capton tape giving extra support.

    Now as far as I can tell there are no new files on github for the C frame. I got an E3D V6 so is there a better mount available? A better design? or should I just reprint the existing items and if yes what?
    PLA and anneal it?
    ABS or HIPS
    or Nylon?
    Annealed PLA is Nice and hard but its a pain keeping the dimension. ABS or HIPS a little flex - is that good or bad and Nylon (Bridge) more flex but probably good to much higher temps.

    Input welcome.

  • Had A little break in printing so trying HIPS part right now

    Also Nozzle on E3D V6 came loose again - does that every 5-6kg of filament anyone know why?

  • @mpirringer funny, this just happened to me today and not even 5kg of material run through it. Mainly Ryno and PETG. It was ridiculously lose in my case.

  • @fstkmaro Get a torque wrench and tighten about daily....

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