Pla sticking inside the E3d v6 hot end

  • I bought a E3d v6 24v 3mm hotend and am having an issue with the PLA sticking in the hot end. I start a test print (20mm cube) and the first 2 layers print fine but then the extruded starts clicking and I find that the PLA is in a death grip inside the hot end. The only way I can get it out is to crank up the temp to 240c with the cooling fan off. And the pry it out slowly with players. This has happened twice during testing.

    Anyone have an idea what might be causing this. I got the E3d v6 because it is claimed to be the best, but I am having issues with it that I never had with my old non metal jhead.

  • 1.) Make sure the hotend is assembled right. You can get that if there is a gap between the heatbreak and the nozzle. If your nozzle bottoms out on the heater block your heat break is not in far enough. also make sure the fan is working properly

    If you are running a nozzle bigger than .4mm you might extrude too fast check this for some calculations for bigger nozzles

  • MatterHackers

    For notes, also be sure the heat sink cooling fan is running and facing the correct direction.

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