weird retraction at start of print

  • Im having some odd retraction at the the start of a print... i have to literally pause the print and reinstall the filament EVERY TIME. I've tried to change every setting i can think of, and it still happens.

    I like the software, and i really appreciate being able to adjust the Z in the middle of a print, something that I have not seen in any other software, and would LOVE to see it on octoprint.

  • What printer do you have? I know some have retract moves in the Start G-Code. The Lulzbot printers, for instance, do it in order to clear the nozzle of plastic while probing.

  • I have a Tronxy P802MA.

    Its been a while since i was able to mess with my printer. Here is what im using.

    Cura 2.5.0

    Mattercontrol 1.7

    I'm using cura to set quality, infil, temps, etc...

    im bring it over to MatterControl to start and control the print. I love the fact that i can fine tune the z hight as i print... along with temps, speed, etc... without actually ever having to touch the printer.

    Unfortunately, the retraction happens both before, and after the print. and it seems to retract for at least a good 30 seconds.

    Out of curiosity, i moved BACK over to octoprint, to see if it had the same behavior, and I had non of the odd behavior (but i lose the controls i had learned to depend on).

    Is there anything you would like me to try, or report back to figure this issue out?

    Thank you

  • Are you saying that you run the same G-Code file through MatterControl and Octoprint, and the retraction only happens in MatterControl? If so, could you post the G-Code file along with a print log?

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