MatterControl Crashing

  • Hi, I'm running MatterControl v2.19.2.10169 on Windows 10 64-bit 16-G Ram i7 system. MatterControl consistently crashes after "Loading G-Code" is complete. About 1/2 way thru "Loading G-Code" MatterControl goes "NOT RESPONDING" and after "Loading G-Code" completes there is no activity for approx. 30-secs. Then MatterControl crashes (Program shuts down).

    When a small file (6.33k) is sliced everything work great. Could it be that MatterControl can't handle large files (38.9m)?

    I was going to post a 2-min video of what is happening but apparently it's to large a file.

    If anyone would require to see the video I can email it to you.

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