STL file added shown as a very small scale from original in MatterControl

  • Hi, when I add a .stl file of a design made with Blender it is shown much smaler than it should be. Here are some images so you can see what I mean.

    I don't know if it's because of the measurement of the object, or there's some wrong communication between a .stl exported file from Blender and MatterControl, or whatever I can't see right now. When I add it to Cura it doesn't happen.

    Any ideas?


  • Solution found, it is a matter of units. I did not exported it in millimitres and it was shrunk to the size within that unit.

  • Yes. MatterControl and most 3D printing software expects dimensions to be given in millimeters. If you made your design using some other unit of measurement then you will need to scale your model appropriately. You can do this in MatterControl using the Scale menu in Edit mode. It has a built in list of factors for scaling between common units.

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