Slic3r Bed leveling for pulse?

  • Hi,
    Started to use slic3r for slicing as I had some odd things happen with MC. Figured out what the problems are and found they are much easier solved with slic3r than in MC. So currently I make Gcode in slic3r and then run it through MC but that is kinda a pain and sometimes MC does not display anything but prints the gcode correctly and the progress sometimes gets stuck etc. Main reason we use slic3r is as it is easier to produce consistent good prints. We use almost exclusively a .8mm nozzle on an e3D V6 hotend and found that the advice "just use the regular .4 print profile and add 20 degrees does not work well in a lot of cases. The way with a bigger Nozzle and probably any nozzle is to go volumetric and it made a great difference. Now pretty much the only fails we get is when the PTFE tube pops out of the bodentech extruder which it does 2-3 times a week or every 2-3 kg of filament. The way we use volumetric is to find a good temp for layer adhesion and then extrude 50 mm in the console with G1 E50 Fnnn where nnn is mm/sec. Now for filament with a 1.75 mm radius you can calculate the volume for the 50mm length and with the speed you get a rate that will yield mm3/sec. Now you up the speed until you get your first click on the extruder we increase the nnn 60 at a time. Now you know whats too fast so you go back to the previous one and deduct 10% for safety. In your start code you add M200 D1.75 ; Volumetric set to 1.75mm filament and turn on volumetric in printer settings and set the max volumetric value in mm3/sec in the speed section. So for example Hobbyking HIPS can handle between 18-20 mm3/sec PLA/ABS depending on brand and temp between 14 and 16 and Taulman Nylon between 10 and 11 mm3/sec. Now the standard setting in MC for walls is I think 55mm/sec and if you run HIPS with a .8 nozzle and a .48 layerheight at 55mm/sec you are going to fast slic3r and the marlin software will slow it down to the 18mm3/sec or 11mm3/sec for Nylon which at this layer height and nozzle will be around 15 to 20mm/sec speed. the nice thing is that if you make adjustments to the flow rate or layer width (which you cant change in MC) you don't have to recalculate all the speed. Even though the max flow rate might say 45mm/sec if the speed like for the first layer is set to 20mm/sec then it will do 20mm/sec etc. Bottom line as it does not look like MC is getting that at least not as for what I heard it would be nice if there was a way to run the pulse with bed leveling directly from slic3r. One more thing the G1 E50 Fnnn command will have to change the E parameter by 50 each time you run it if you are set to absolute position otherwise it will only extrude 50mm once.

  • MatterHackers

    Martin, I will have no problem answering your questions here but they need to be in a coherent structure, you seem to be bouncing around in your thoughts randomly which makes this rather difficult to answer for you. Restructure the questions and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

  • Guess I try again.
    1.) Can I bed level in Slic3r
    2.) Can I do volumetric in MC and if not when and at all and can I specify different layer widths. There used to be a way to use the slic3r engine but no more.
    Lets start with that and I can inject the other stuff later

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