Mini 2 and Z-axis lock?

  • Does auto-leveling work the same way in the Mini 2 as in the Mini 1.X? It appears the bed cannot be manually leveled in the 1.X. If this is the case in the Mini 2, what is the use of the Z-axis lock if auto leveling continuously adjusts the Z-axis during a print to accommodate tilt?

    I may just be over thinking leveling. I don't have much experience printing, but what I have done was, first, with an ancient Makerbot that kept crashing the print head into the build plate. OTOH more recently, I've been borrowing time on an Ultimaker 2 that the owner says almost never needs leveling and makes good prints every time.

    Now that I'm thinking of buying my own, it would be a refurb Mini 1.X vs a Ultimaker Original+. The Ultimaker is manually leveled, but I suspect the Original+ is like the Ultimaker 2 and almost never needs leveling unless it's had new parts or work done on it. And I'm just paranoid about the need for frequent leveling because of my experience with the cranky Makerbot.

  • MatterHackers

    So the Mini 1 and Mini 2 have the same bed leveling system. Neither is adjustable by the user, both use the 4 points offset at the corners. The Lulzbot mini is a solid printer as is the Ultimaker, I think it is more of a question of, if you are going to be running anything other than PLA and PETG, is it easier to replace a nozzle or a tool head? The Ultimaker is going to be more cost effective in the long run because of the ability to replace just the nozzle with hardened ones or other sizes whereas the Lulzbot may require replacement of the tool head depending on a number of factors.

  • I wouldn't get a lulzbot until it becomes more clear as they will find a buyer and survive the "restructuring" They let about 90% of their workforce go. So I'd stick with something safer or open source where there is a good chance of getting parts and support

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