Add variable infill/layer heights much like cura

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  • Why cant we get variable layers /variable infill like many other slicers are starting to implement would make prints faster and allow us to use less material

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    Hi @wehrspanna

    We do not have that function just yet but I can assure you that it is on the list of things to do. It will take us some time to get around to it as our team is working diligently to make upgrades to MatterControl. Variable layer heights is a really nice feature, that I completely agree with, but it is something that takes a bit of coding to do. MatterContol 2.0 is actually a fairly new and we are building it completely in house so while it may seem that we are lagging behind when compared to other slicers, we are actually just newer than most others.

    Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see and if it is not on the list we can see about adding it.

  • until then you can slice in slic3r and then run the gcode file for bed leveling etc through MC if you want or need to on a pulse. That way too you can do other cool things like running volumetric etc.

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