Subtract not working

  • I have found a simple solution to this problem. I am surprized someone has not found it before now.
    Try this and it will work everytime:

    1. Lift all items off the build plate before clicking Subtract.
    2. Click the box or boxes for the item you want to Subtract.
    3. Click Update
      Wa La

  • @dennolan I just made an account to confirm this 100% works, I'm a new user currently without home internet and I downloaded this to replace tinkercad, I was about to just move on to the next program until I read this. Thank you!

  • Is this software still supported? I'm having this bug and if it's been a year for a much needed tool in an editor. I have been customizing for hours just to find out it's wasted.

  • Hi,
    I found it working with all standard primitives. But it will not work, if you import an object and you try to subtract this object.
    In my case I wanted to subtract an imported STL screw thread from a standard sphere. It never worked.
    Subtracting a standard cylinder does work immedeately.
    Is this simply a bug or does only work with MatterControl primitives?
    How can this be solved?

    Kind Regards

  • I’m a newbie but find same issue on MacBook with newest is, but it works okay on Win 10 laptop.

  • @dennolan Thank you for figuring this out! I can't tell you how many models I was recreating from scratch to regain the functionality of subtracting. Thank you! thank you!

  • I updated this week, started designing a thing and found that I cannot subtract objects after I have saved shut down and started back up. I can do simple subs but not the complex ones that "worked just fine" before I saved and shut down. Previous version had the same problem. I like this software, I was thinking about getting it but not if its going to be so buggy. I have a day in this design and now I cant do anything to it, even after having multiple project files to keep things simple. Window 10 64 I7 32gig 3tb 2080.... So frustrating.. Yes, I even lifted off the grid because most of the time subtract leaves parts if it is sitting on the surface. I mostly just want to add to the list of confirmed "subtract does not work properly" cases.

  • Same thing here, found this as I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what's wrong with either my computer or how I was doing it. The lifting trick didn't work for me similarly have put a few days into a design (probably the most complex thing I've built so far) and now can't finish it. It just hangs on "Split faces 2" for me. Does anyone have a solution? Are there other good programs out there that would read the .mcx files??

  • Same issue still with complex models in 2.21.10.

    Simple objects work though.
    Lifting up from build plate makes no difference sadly ...

    Does anyone have a solution/ is this getting worked on?

  • MatterHackers

    We do continue to work on this. It is a very complex problem but we hope to have an improved solution soon.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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