how can I calculate where to place items in a design.

  • I am very new to 3d design and 3d printing, but I have been able to figure out quite a bit by just playing with MatterControl 2.0. There is one Key piece that I can not figure out, how can I position a hole in an exact location? I understand how to create the cylinder and then remove it, but I can't seem to figure out how to give it an accurate position. to make this as simple as possible, I have a 3mm thick rectangular base that is 60mm X 80mm, how can I place my hole center exactly 3mm from a corner on that part? Also, is there is a good location where I can find design tutorials? I've skimmed through Youtube but haven't found anything great yet. Thanks

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    Hey @KD7VEA

    So for the moment, we do not have a measurement tool in MatterControl 2.0. I have been discussing this recently with a few of our members here and I will be bringing it up with our Development team.

    The thing to remember is that MatterControl 2.0 is almost completely built in house and we have a small team working to make this program the best it can be. Any time you think of something you would like to see, please feel free to let me know and I will note it for later.

    We do not yet have tutorials for MatterControl 2.0 but it is one of the many things on our radar as a necessity. One thing we cannot do, though, is allocate resources to making guides on functions that may change in a month or two. We have seen this with respects to the "Support" option changing recently.

    All good things come in time.

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