MatterControl V2 Networked Printing

  • Is the Networked Printing feature available in MatterControl V2?

    The option is listed under features but when I select it and then restart MC, and connect the printer I do not see any log messages about trying to connect in the Terminal log. In addition, my remote server (a Raspberry Pi) is not getting a network (telnet) request.

    When I manually telnet from the same computer that MC is running on the connection goes through properly.

    I am attempting to build a Raspberry Pi USB to Network Proxy (some people would call this a router) so I can use MC over an IP connection to a printer. My hope is that with the Networked Printing feature I will get all of the MC printer control goodness without having to hardwire multiple printers.

    Are there any other logs available for the connection? Is their a way to turn on additional debug messages?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Irv Shapiro (DrVax YouTube channel)

  • Ok, I am going to answer my own question. Yes, networking support still seems to work. I found that I had to enable the "auto connect" connect option. When I had "auto connect" off and tried to manually click on connect I was not successful.

    Now that I have MC connecting to a Raspberry Pi I will begin the work to create a full feature router and report back on my progress.

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