extruder retraction stops during print

  • i am using matterslice and occasionally (meaning only on some prints of a duplicate part) the extruder wont retract on a non print move that crosses perimeters. i have checked my settings repeatedly and i am not sure where the problem is. some times it prints the part with no issues and other times it doesnt.

    i have also noticed that when printing circular geometry that it will over extruded on the very beginning of the outside and inside perimeters at random points causing uniform blobs on both inside and outside of a wall. i have physically witnessed the extruder gears ramp up at a higher speed when that happens and then be fine on other layers.

    i have tried using slic3r or cura for my slicing engine and so far they both report errors while trying to generate gcode and have yet to work

    any help would be great

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