Configuring second extruder

  • The most common use I have for the second extruder on my machine is for support materials. However, I can't seem to find a place which allows me to define the temperature to set and/or the material to use for the second extruder.

    Printer settings is set for 2 extruders
    Quality settings is set to use extruder 2 for support materials

    Now, the support material will change depending upon what I'm printing out of Extruder 1. So where do I set these settings? The UI only shows "Quality" and "Material", but no second material (associated with the second extruder).

    Printing PLA+ out of Extruder 1, temp is X degrees C
    Printing PVA out of Extruder 2, temp is Y degrees C

    What am I missing here?

  • Anyone? Seriously, using the UI I cannot seem to figure out how to set the settings for the second extruder. This applies to using support or doing a multi-material print on different portions of the job. Other software I've used (like S3D) are intuitive and easy to set up. I'm really wanting to permanently move to MC simply due to the huge number of quirks in S3D, and their glacial software development cycle...

    So, what am I conceptually missing in MC about multi-extruder, multi-material printing? Is there a guide about this?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @jeff_reynolds_beta

    Well, I would say that you are going to need to check at the top right of your MatterControl screen and see the extruder temp icons, in there you can change the temp but for the second hotend you will not yet be able to adjust it's material.

    Dual extrusion support in MC2.0 is actually quite new, maybe only a few months old at this point, so please bare with us as we make adjustments and updates. Our update cycle is fairly quick when compared to other slicers but we did start from scratch with this software. It is going to take us a bit to reach the level of S3D, ideaMaker, and Cura. We are well on the way but all good things come in time.

  • @michael-petitclerc Ah very good. I thought I was going crazy as I seem to remember this being different in versions 1.x of MatterControl. Well, let me know what I can do to help out. I've got a custom-build rig originally based off a Felix Tech4, but now sporting an E3D Chimera for dual extruding (much better than the original Felix design).

    I can pretty much test whatever you need me to test 😉


  • MatterHackers

    Just keep tabs on the system as it is now, we should get more functionality as we get closer to our Dual Extrusion Pulse release (no date set as of yet)

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