MakerJuice G+ Black with B9 Creator 1.1, no successful prints yet!

  • Greetings everyone,

    I've recently picked up a B9 creator and was printing 'okay' using a 2 year old bottle of their red resin. I then purchased MakerJuice G+ as it's recommended for the B9 from Matterhackers. My problem is, I can't get anything to stick, nor find anything on the internet about exposure settings.

    I saw it was mentioned MH used to have a link with this exact information but has since been removed.

    Does anyone happen to use MakerJuice G+ on their B9 with success? If so, please do share! The stock black profile is definitely a no-go...

    Thanks in advance!

  • These are the setting we have used in the past for the MakerJuice G+.

    Description:			MakerJuice G+
    Minimum Slice Thickness:	0.065
    Maximum Slice Thickness:	0.22
    Exposure Factor:		1.44291
    DOC Rate Factor:		0.214218
    UV Sensitivity Factor:		0.14962929
    Over Cure Multiplier:		0.1
    Attach Multiplier:		2.4
    Attach Layers:			2
    Shrinkage Multiplier:		1

    Download Settings File

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