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  • Hi there, I've assembled Anet A8 printer to learn everything from scratch and decide if I want to go more into 3d printing. I'm trying to see which slicing software is best for me and after playing with Craftware and Cura I decided to check MatterControl. I do like it a lot but I found strange problem. I'm trying to print 20mm calibration cube and no matter what I choose in settings I always get some super slow layers like 9mm/s. Can someone explain me why does this happen and how to avoid it? Thanks in advance!

  • Not sure; that doesn't sound like an issue I've come across before, though slow layers can be a result of cooling settings. Check the Cooling Thresholds section of the Filament settings to see if the print is being slowed down because of that:

    If it's not because of cooling, we can investigate, but we'll need to see your Model File, Slice Settings, and G-Code File, as outlined here:

    Please use Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar service to share the files and post the link in your reply.

  • Bingo! Changing Minimum Print Speed in Cooling Thresholds to 100mm/s instantly changes all speeds way higher. However I got question what should I set there to have balance between quality and speed?

  • 9 mm/s is not a bad value to have in that field, but if it doesn't work for you, try bumping it up 5 mm/s at a time. 100 is astronomically high, and as most printers print well at 40-50 mm/s, a value of 100 completely negates the function.

  • I put 100 for a test and probably I don't understand purpose of this but if I want print small object and waiting for it over one hour isn't something good for me. So I have lowered time to 5 seconds and put min speed to 45 mm/s.

  • Sure, if that works. You basically just want to experiment with those Cooling Threshold settings until you find the combination that works for your model.

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