Banding/Shifting Layers Anycubic Delta

  • So I have a really strange issue cropped up to start off im new to 3D printing got the printer about 3 weeks ago and for the first few weeks I had no issues until now.

    So I started a print today and I noticed a strange banding or shifting of layers on the surface of the part now this is the second time I printed this same part as I printed off this lightsaber model the first week I got the printer and now doing one for a friend.

    Well here is what I've checked:

    • Checked bed level
    • Check filament
    • Check belts
    • Checked cura settings
    • Checked screws to make sure they haven't wobbled loose

    Well Im now at a loss of what to check next so here I am asking for advice.

    Here are some pictures.

  • Sorry for the delay-- somehow I didn't see a notification for this post.

    The banding in the pictures isn't layer shifting since it doesn't happen all the way around the part. It looks like more a function of the slicer. In the first picture, it is clear to see how the layers affected near the top of the part are only those during which the hole is being printed. This is probably that these layers are cooling at a different rate than those in the rest of the part, so you could try tweaking cooling settings.

    What slicer/software are you using?

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