Octoprint Integration Please

  • Gah - why do we still not have Octoprint integration? It's way too simple to not have included at this point! OctoPrint API allows directly uploading a gcode file, plus you can load to print, or load AND print automatically!

    I believe Cura has direct integration, Simplify3D has integration via their Export GCode where it runs any command you want - to get it to upload you use curl:

    curl -k -H "X-Api-Key: APIKEYFROMOCTOPRINT" -F "select=true" -F "print=true" -F "file=@[output_filepath]" ""

    Select tells Octoprint to load the gcode file you just uploaded, print tells it to start printing. This should be a 10 minute hack to add this to the UI. A couple of check boxes, a couple of text boxes and a hook into the export menu. PLEASE!

  • I'd like this as well.

  • MatterControl is open source. Feel free to implement this if you like.

  • Has anybody made any progress on this?

    Professional programmers know it isn't a 10-minute hack job, but I wouldn't expect the interface to be difficult to use the existing OctoPrint API.

  • Two years later and no progress. Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer, and others support OctoPrint as a pseudo printer. MatterControl has such a large number of supported printers, please consider adding OctoPrint as well.

  • Yeah would be nice but I would not hold my breath. It appears to me based on what is done that the priorities are somewhere along the line to make MC a Tinker Cad replacement first that also somewhat controls a printer than a slicer/printer control platform first. Based on the updates there seems way more work going into addressing the CAD aspect and news on that front are touted to a much larger degree. Octoprint would be nice but I'd settl for most of the slicer issues being fixed first and then some things added that most other slicers do like variable perimeter/line width, limiting speed by mm3/sec, volumetric E, Getting the cooling right which would require getting layer estimates right, adaptive layer height etc just to name a few.

  • If MC is open, I would expect that this could be done if anyone cared enough. There are sites where you can hire a programmer for single jobs.

    What language is MC in? I've done this for features in OSS software before by finding someone with the needed language and hiring them for their quote on the feature to be pulled in.

    Otherwise, could this feature be leveraged to point at OctoPrint? http://wiki.mattercontrol.com/SETTINGS/Printer/Features/Hardware/Networked_Printing

  • I'd like to octoprint integration too.

  • @kenchalk me too please 🙂

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