Connecting to the Anet A8 Question

  • Just received my new touch today and cannot connect. I'm using a Anet A8 with SkyNet3D 1.1 firmware and am not sure what model I should select to connect. When I try Other make and Other model and select connect, the button just stays black and nothing happens.

  • yes I have tried changing the baud rate with no success. For the Anet the make would be the Prusa i3 correct? I've tried the Prusa and other and it still will not connect. Even with the replacement touch.

  • Make and Model are irrelevant, at least for connecting. In the context of MatterControl, a successful serial connection requires only the correct serial port and baud rate to be selected; everything else in the MatterControl profile is specific to the printer's attributes for printing.

    That said, connecting should be pretty easy, assuming that the printer and tablet are functioning normally. Do you have another host (like a computer, running MatterControl or another printer control software) that you can test the connection with, to isolate the printer or the Touch as the problem?

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