TAZ 5 Printing Problems with PLA

  • Summer is approaching and a problem I had last summer is returning. My office is not air-conditioned and running the dehumidifier makes the room temperature climb into the 80's. Related to that, the TAZ 5 starts chewing its filament due to heat creep. Last summer I nearly gave up on the machine when I tried it again in the Fall it started to work again.

    I just switched to an old spool of ABS and it appears to be working. I had trouble with ABS warp in cool temperatures... Could it be PLA in Winter, ABS in Summer is my best solution?

    (ABS lacks a lot of options PLA has, so Im a bit sad.)

  • Turns out that the idler arm is broken. My last extruder assembly had the same problem and I printed a replacement on my MakerBot Printer using PLA. The design is still loaded so I am printing another. I love Open-Source printers!

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