Layers Shifting but in a diff way to other posts

  • Hi all I have a layer shifting problem but not like other posts I have saw. Mine shifts but on only one part. I can print anything else before and after and they are all fine.

    What happened is this particular one was to big and I shifted it around. It is like the software recorded those shifts and then is printing them. I deleted that file from the sd card and from the computer. I then redownloaded and renamed it something else. I loaded it on to the plate and then printed it without moving it at all and it still prints it shifting. It is only that part. I then printed four gears at one time. I had to move those around and duplicate to get them in the right position and they printed perfect. i just do not get it. Is there a way or file to delete like a cached file of that particular part? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • It's probably not the file, like you're hypothesizing, but more likely something mechanical that is exacerbated by movements in the particular print.

    Pictures would probably be most helpful, as well as the G-Code File, Model File, and Slice Settings as found here:

  • Actually the first layer is 180 degrees rotated like I did in Matter Control. The next layer is then printed and every subsequent layer is shifted the way I moved it on the platen. Weird i know. Thanks for the answer i will try getting a different card and doing it it that way.

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