Pause each layer for short time

  • I thought this would work but I am trying to cause a small pause for every layer with the nozzle away from the print. So in the layer change Gcode I have this

    ; LAYER:[layer_num]

    G91 ;move relative

    M83 ;extrude relative

    G1 E-3.5 F1200 ;retract

    G0 Z10 F3000 ;lift

    G4 P5000 ;pause

    G0 Z-10 F3000 ;lower

    G1 E3.5 F1200 ;extrude back

    M82 ;extrude absolute

    G90 ;move absolute

    it just does not seem to work right. And can't explain what happens exactly. But after the first layer it seems to extrude a large amount of filament. almost like it is resetting the current position. Even Matter control is reporting a large amount a filament used during a small print of 5x5x10 mm. This should just retract the filament, raise, pause, lower extrude back to where it was and continue.

  • Not sure what could be going wrong here. Could you try a print and then post the print log?

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