Cannot enter @ in email fields in MatterControl v1.4

  • Hello All,

    as per subject - maybe I'm too dumb but - I cannot enter any longer the @ character in "email" related fields in Mattercontrol v1.4 - not even using a keyboard n screen!. I'm using windows 7 64 bit, on a Dell E6410 laptop.
    Cannot log in cloud, monitoring, etc. nothing, I cannot even create a new account. I'm available for remote debug if this helps.

  • Installed this mornin on another pc - same behaviour; looks to me a bug. Will try the linux version later this afternoon.

  • MatterHackers

    @Ilruz, can you maybe post a screen shot of the place you are trying to type the @. I'm not seeing the same thing.


  • What is the current language and keyboard selection in Windows? Are you using a standard US-101/qwerty keyboard?

    A screen capture of the problem in action (especially when the on-screen keyboard is used) might be helpful.

  • Since it is a Windows computer....have you tried it after rebooting your laptop?

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