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  • When I first looked at Mattercontrol software, I thought the Material and Quality preset settings were actual presets which would override whatever previous settings were set but this seems not to be the case. If some settings are changed by the user, these seem to stay and not be overridden by selecting another preset. We have basic users and advanced users that use the printer. I had hoped to be able to set up presets that the basic users could use with confidence that if they called up a preset, it would work as expected while allowing advanced users to modify settings. It does not seem to work this way. Am I missing something? If not I would suggest this as an improvement. It is hard for the basic users to go through all the settings to look for things that have been changed. Another possible improvement would be to change the color of the category titles to indicate that they contain something that has been changed from the preset. That would make it easier to find changed items.

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    The current behavior of presets in MatterControl(MC) is to "stash" your user settings when applied and "un-stash" the user setting when you disable the preset. If this is not the behavior you are experiencing you may want to check your version, We are currently on 1.7.0

    Note: Changing the value after a preset was set it will override the preset but not save to the preset. This override will remain as a user setting after the preset is disabled

    Edit: The behavior you are currently experiencing sounds like what we originally had where the user setting was always used if it was set.

  • OK, after doing some more experimentation and reading more about the presets, this is what I have figured out.

    I found .Why are all settings in "Quality" & "Material" very helpful in this regard.

    I now understand the color coding of the presets. If you look through the menus, the items in the settings show the colors of the preset that changes them from the base layer and these things change with the presets. The problem I had was if a user changed an item that is not a changed item in the preset ( such as Settings/Filament/Retraction/Extra Length on Restart ), then that item shows up in blue in the menu. It is invisible if not in Advanced mode and it is not changed if you call up a preset that does not have that item changed. It does not change even if you call up the default preset. It also does not change if you import a preset unless that setting is modified in the preset you call up. The answer seems to be clicking on Profile.../Reset to Defaults before calling up a preset. That seems to clear all the blue user changed items. I can work with that.

    I am still a little confused about automatic syncing though. I think this may be causing some problems also. I think I will open a new topic for this.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    base layer (default) -clear

    user layer - blue

    Quality layer - yellow

    Material layer - orange

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  • @mmoening, please accept my comments here as friendly feedback (it's hard to tell in an email).

    I find the quality / material methodology to be the most confusing feature of MatterControl. I've had the software for 2 years now and I still find myself scratching my head to understand the paradigm.

    From my view, there is a certain expectation that software such as MatterControl should be rather self-explanatory. I don't see anything that is so complex about material / quality settings that would warrant the confusing implementation. My take on the implementation is that it is designed from an engineering view rather than that of an average user. Surely there is better way.

    That said, I think overall the team has done a good job making the software easy too use; I particularly like the "Show Help" option.


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