Snapmaker: Is it worth it?

  • Hey Matter Hackers community,

    I am looking into getting a small 3d printer and am looking hard at the lulzbot mini but someone recently linked me and said that it would be a better investment because it could do laser engraving and cnc at half the cost which seemed interesting to me because I could use it for more things.

    I am a little concerned about how it says it never needs to be leveled between prints and the specs seem a little too good to be true for the cost.

    Does anyone have an expert opinion on the worth of this product?

  • Hi Synaesthios,

    I am one of the Snapmaker Beta testers.

    My opinion of the Snapmaker so far:

    - REALLY easy to set up
    - REALLY convenient. (Yes it doesn't need re-leveling if you don't change modules or readjust the heated bed)
    - Very good quality of print. The results are imho as good as ultimaker ones.


    - small build room (125*125*125
    -The beta of the slicing software is merely bad. But if you use e.g. Craftware, that problem is solved.
    - the heated bed takes almost 5 mins to get to more than 50 degrees Celsius. (At least it does reach around 80°... After some waiting)

    I can't judge the CNC and Laser module yet, since I didn't test them so far.

    I hope I was able to help you (even if it's 7 months late :P)

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