Raft sticking to part

  • hey guys,

    trying to print some intricate parts, and im going to need a raft, the problem is that no matter what i do the rafts aren't coming off.

    (me3d printer, .4mm nozzle, polyplus pla, NO heated build plate)

    i have changed as much as i can, even the air gap up to 1mm, and it barely does anything...? i know that touch brims and skirts or whatever can be good, but they're not going to make the cut for this one (i have been 3d printing for a few years, but this is my first personal one as of a week ago. im used to makerbots where rafts and supports are a breeze, and come right of without a heated build plate).

    thanks -tom

  • don't worry, just the 2 rolls of filament (polyplus pla) that i had were bad... bilby3d stuff works fine

    EDIT: that's not it. with the bilby i was trying to print at 210˚, but it would only preheat at 220˚... i think that the rafts that started at 220˚ and the part being 210˚ was what made it work... anyone have any ideas/support for me?

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