Communication Error Hictop i3

  • Hello,

    I just finished a wipe of my computer (Windows 10) and I reinstalled MatterControl and I seem to be stuck in an Attempting to connect loop.

    I have done the following as part of troubleshooting

    -Reinstalled MatterControl (And Cura)

    -Installed Arduino software on it's own

    -Deleted and Reinstalled the drivers (Both through the Matter control prompt and through manually clicking on the exe it runs)

    -Replaced the USB cord

    -Manually set the baud rate in the FTDI driver to 115200 and set matter control to use it

    Through all of this MatterControl sits at "Attempting to Connect" and gets no where or gives me a Connection Failed unknown reason. Cura doesn't detect a printer either.

    Only thing I can think of is my board is dead, but it runs my printer through the manual controls without a problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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