Print is good until 14 layers in and then each layer shifts...?

  • Using a new FlashForge Creator Pro (purchased Feb 2017). Still having issues getting prints to work from MatterControl.

    This print started out fine, but then all of a sudden I think 14 layers in, the next layer shifted in Y 22mm and possibly also in X by 3mm. Each subsequent layer after that stayed at the Y shifted position, but shifted again in X by 3mm.

    I am trying to go through the code and see if I find anything. So far I have verified that the move commands go to the right Y locations in these bad layers. Since I have to do some manual changes at the very beginning of the code, I edit the .gcode that MC spits out and then open that up in Replicatorg and save it out as an .x3g. This same process works for other parts that build to higher layers. I'm getting the feeling that Replicatorg does something bad in the translation with .gcode from different software; maybe because of unknown recognized commands? I already took out m82 and m400 commands that Replicatorg complained about. One interesting thing is, if I have Replicatorg write out a .gcode file of the same part and bring that .gcode file into MC, it's really bad.

    I immediately printed another smaller test part from the Replicatorg software and had no issues (at least twice the build height than the bad part that had issues.) So, there isn't some printer malfunction.

    I am still doing my homework on this, but wanted to put the question out there also. MatterHackers sells these printers, and it's listed in the printer list in the software, so I don't know why I'm having these issues. (I have another thread regarding prints not even starting properly which I am currently taking care of manually.)

    Am I the only one having this issue?

    Oh, and by the way, everything looks perfect in MatterControl. It doesn't show the layers doing this in Layer View.

    Another weird thing it's doing. At a few points in the layer, its taking the 4 or 5 strands that are right next to each other and twisting them over like twisting a ribbon. (I can't get a second image to upload. This is happening on another forum too. I can edit the post and do other things, but not get another image uploaded... grrrrrr.) Picture 5 strands going around a 90deg corner. The first one would get layed down. The second is getting laid down next to it and is on the side toward the outside of the corner. However, when it gets to the corner, it turns early and goes over the first strand, and now is on the side toward the inside of the corner. It also ends up right next to the first strand, so it's doing it with good control. It's as if it inverted the corner.

  • I had something similar happen to me when I started, The belts on my printer were not tight, and I lost a setscrew on one of the motors. That could be causing your issue.

    Essentially an indexing problem.

  • Yeah, I discounted that due to the fact that I immediately made another print right after it and it went fine. However, it re-zeroes all the axes before each print so I guess it still could the cause. However, there is the other curious issue where the plastic beads being laid down at some corners are passing over other strands from the same layer. I will look at the belts today, thanks.

  • Usually when this happens it is due to a mechanical issue, not something in the G-Code. Have you had a look at this post?

    How to Fix Shifting Layers

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