MatterControl tablet availability

  • I've been enjoying my 1st 3D printer (Robo R1+) and was excited to find there was a tablet that could add the functions that it lacked (touchscreen controls, wifi, etc.). However, upon trying to purchase one I find that there is not one available anywhere.

    Will you be making more available?
    If not, is there an alternative option where I can still run MatterControl (instead of going the Raspberry Pi/OctoPrint route)?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @BanhiDancer

    At the moment we will not be producing any more T7X's and MatterControl is not going to have the Tablet API worked on for the time being. Our dev team is small and would prefer to work on the bug crushing and feature adding before moving onto a new platform outside Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    We may eventually revisit the tablet function again and put it back in focus but for the time being we will not.

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