Best PLA type for "lost PLA" investment casting?

  • I've read that PLA can be used instead of printable casting wax to make investment castings of bronze and other metals. I printed some parts in white PLA but learned that white PLA has about 10% talc powder by weight. That wouldn't leave a lot of powder in the mold after burnout, especially if printing is done with a thin shell and low infill, but there would be some since talc won't burn. However, PLA that would burn completely at 700-1000 °F would be better. Some of the semi-transparent PLA's with a little color might work or even black PLA if the only filler is carbon. Any recommendations? Experience?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @albion1

    I have not seen anyone try burning out the PLA molds before, I have seen a lot of talk about it but I do not think I have ever seen someone actually complete the process. I believe that Black PLA does have other fillers in the material but carbon would be the highest quantity by weight.

    Natural PLA should have no fillers in it for color so that may actually be a better option than a clear PLA. I would investigate that a bit further.

    Let us know if you do end up finding a good solution to this question!

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