support material impossible to remove

  • Ive been using the robo3dr1+ for a year now. I have been getting good results. except where support material is invoved.

    I have used default settings for support. I usually waste a couple printed before walking away completely frustrated..

    I am at the point of giving up on matter control all together.

    I have tried a few small alteration to default. but dont see any improvement.

    can anyone please explain what I need to do to get the support material to be easliy removed, I am ruining prints by simply trying to remove the support.

    what settings are critical for success, because apparently I am doing something wrong,

    last try was on overwatch reaper from thingiverese

  • We have an article on support material you might want to have a look at.

    You can also read more about each of the support material settings on the MatterControl Wiki.

    Getting good results with 3D printing is all about experimentation. This is especially true for support material. The default settings give you a starting point to work from, but you will always have to tune things for your specific situation. Don't be afraid to make large alterations. This is the only way you will learn exactly what effect each setting has. Remember that you can preview what will happen using the Layer View. MatterControl also makes it easy to go back to the defaults if you mess things up.

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