Doesn't Print above Raft layers

  • HI,

    Just found you software, as a 3d 'printerer' I really like it so far especially the bed levelling system.

    Anyway I have a problem. When a model has been imported and has been sliced it only shows up approx. 5 layers, the rest of my model (even your syock primatives) are 'ghosted' and not printed.

    I have uninstalled/ reinstalled deleted printer and reconfigures etc but I need help

    I am using an unlisted printer Geeetech Acrylic i3


  • MatterHackers

    Hey @DocAra

    I know exactly what you mean, you just need to slide the bar on the right side of the model view up. sometimes this is set to only a few layers in but it is meant only as a visual reference and not a function of the printer will stop when it reaches that point. Here is what I can assume you are seeing.

    alt text

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