Using T10 to control Taz 6?

  • Hi,

    I just received my T10 with the goal of just using it as a "controller" of sorts for my Taz 6 - I use S3d for all slicing etc - I just want to be able to send finished gcode files to the T10/cloud and be able to print them so I avoid taking out the USB on my computer or shuffling SD cards around.

    1. is this possible - I went through the setup and it seems like the T10 is designed to do everything except print an already prepared gcode file

    2. how should the T10 be set up for this? As the gcode file will already contain all the auto bed leveling code etc is there any need to configure anything except the basic communication settings for the Taz 6?



    1. Yes. From MatterControl on your desktop computer you can upload gcode files to the cloud library the same as you would with an STL file. You can also send files directly by going to the Queue and choosing Send from the More... menu.
    2. You are correct. None of the slice settings need to be changed. The T10 only needs to be able to communicate with the printer.

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