Z max switch / Z min sensor

  • Hi,

    I have fitted a Z max switch / Z min sensor on my P3 steel.

    I have got as far as enabling both the endstops and they are reporting their status correctly via M119 but where I go from here I am unsure.

    The sensor triggers when it gets within range of the bed but the head travels lower. I understand that I can set the travel limits from the Zmax=0

    position but doesn't that defeat the object of using the sensor to literally sense the bed.

    I want to take full advantage of the bed levelling in MatterControl which a great piece of software and I hope many more people get

    switched on to it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • MatterControl's built in software leveling does not yet take advantage of any probe installed on your printer. In order to use the probe, you will need to enable automatic leveling in your firmware. You can test the probe using the G30 command. Then to activate the automatic leveling you will need to add a G29 command to your Start G-Code.

  • Thanks for your reply, that's a shame maybe it can be implemented in a future release.


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