New E3D hotend

  • Hi have just received a E3D hotend, and I don't know a thing about it.

    the heat block spins around is this normal or do I need to tighten it, I don't want to go messing around with it, and do damage . Thanks.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @erniehatt -

    Stoked you got an E3D, you have a bright future of all metal hotend printing ahead of you.

    The heater block should not spin freely. That can cause damage to the parts when melted filament gets into threads where they are not supposed to.

    The heater block should tighten when you thread the heat break and the nozzle together. Make sure you do this when the heater block is 'hot'. Make sure you do not over tighten as the heat break (at the thin section of the steel) or the brass nozzle can break.

    More instructions for the install can be found here:

    Hope this helps, happy printing.

  • Thank you so much, very helpful indeed

  • Further on this subject, I am still waiting for replacement boards for my i3, so to tighten the hotend, can I just connect it to 12v to heat it . Thanks.

  • You could, but I wouldn't recommend that unless you have some way to monitor the temperature. At full power, the heater in the E3D is easily capable of getting hot enough to melt the aluminium block within a matter of minutes.

  • Thanks, I had better not try it then😀

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