Max v3 stops after 24 hours of printing

  • I have had the stopping problem several times. My Max is on a UPS with filtered sine wave output. I was printing a complex object in PLA which was to run for 26 hours. It stopped dead after 24 and while the LCD comes on after I turn it on it is completely unresponsive. The USB interface is also completely unresponsive (my usb cable has 2 ferrite cores on either end). I disconnected the LCD after reading that may be a problem on the SeeMeCNC site. No difference, software connects but that's it, you can't do anything. MatterHackers support seems stumped. I bought this as a pre-assembled unit. I am quite frustrated with this unit. A timing belt broke after a week (it looks like the whole length of the belt was coming apart, how did they not notice?) and the stopping abruptly for no reason has caused me hours of anxiety. Any ideas?

  • Does the LCD light up if plugged in, or is is off while the printer is powered on? If it's off, it sounds like a fuse blew. Inspect and test the two small white rectangular fuses found on the board, and replace if necessary.

    You might also have the same problem again if a short circuit caused the problem. For instance, I've seen the fuse blow when the layer fans come on due to poor wiring and crossed wires shorted the circuit. Pay attention to timing, is what I'm saying, as it may be a clue as to the underlying cause.

  • Checked the fuses, the large one is fine, can't tell about the smaller ones. The LCD does light up. Someone at the SeeMeCNC site suggested that ferrite collars for the connectors to the LCD may help out. I put two on them but no change. I think the motherboard is the problem. MatterHackers support is asking SeeMeCNC to send me another Rambo board. I hope that works.

  • Sounds good. A faulty board would have been my next assumption. Let us know how it goes.

  • @ryan.lutz Thanks, will let you know. BTW, before I replace the card, should I do any probing of the board with my multimeter? I am about to go out of town for a conference but will be back on Tuesday. I will be happy to do whatever testing may yield insight into why this happened. If the board is defective is one thing, if there is something that is causing the board to malfunction, I want to find out what that is before I replace the board.

  • Issues like the one you describe can be tricky to diagnose, and a multimeter reading won't necessarily tell you anything useful. It's typically just easiest to replace the board.

  • So I finally received a replacement board. I installed it (I labeled all of the wires and took a photo before I removed the old one so I could easily put everything back in the correct place). The board is missing one small fan connector which should be easy to fix. I flashed the eeprom and I was immediately back to the same problem. I can't connect using MC. I think there must be a power problem of some kind and I am afraid it may be frying the rambo boards. I have the unit plugged into a filtered UPS so I think the problem must be with the unit. I hope that I can send this in for repair since this appears to be beyond my capabilities especially since I paid a lot extra to have this assembled for me.

  • If you haven't already done so, contact SeeMeCNC support and let them know the situation. It sounds reasonable to me, after a board swap, to assume there's something deeper at work here, and I agree with your logic about having purchased the assembled printer.

    SeeMeCNC Support:

  • Just so anyone reading knows the outcome:

    The cause of the problem was finally discovered to be a slightly-unseated HE280 cable. Re-seating the cable properly fixed the problem and the printer is now fully operational.

  • Another insight that I learned from John when I visited SeeMeNC was that the boden tube was coming out of the cable assembly so close to the HE280 cable that the stress was probably responsible for the unseating. He just created an opening farther away (say about a foot up) and the cable has been stable ever since. Another thing, while this threw me for a loop for several weeks, if I had discovered this problem earlier I wouldn't have had all of the trouble shooting experiences which have really made me far more confident and capable. So the problem was really a blessing in disguise.

  • Glad to hear it, Ivan. That's some good insight, indeed. Thanks for sharing your experiences for the benefit of our community.

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