More extension width parameters and Top solid infill direction problem

  • I would like to see more settings in extrusion width. I can setting only 3 parameters in MatterSlicer (First layer, Outside perimeters and Support), but for the best print resolution I need more extension width parameters as Infill, Inside perimeters, Solid infill, Top solid infill. This parameters are in Slic3r, but Slic3r can't good generate support.

    Next question. Why the last Top solid infill (green) has the same direction as the previous layer (red)? In older version (1.3 maybe) the last layer is orthogonal to the previous layer.

    Thank you for answer. Have a nice day.

    PS: My English isn't good.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I have made a note about your extrusion width suggestions for the development team:

    The Top infill issue is known and has yet to take priority for development:

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