Problems with retraction

  • I have had my 3d printer for around 1,5 month, and have been using Matter Control for most of that time, mostly due to that brilliant bed level feature and it being a genius 3d print controller!.

    I have had som problems with nozzle drag marks and oozing, even though I have perfected my retraction settings. When printing the retraction cubes, they are perfect each and every time.

    But printing anything remotely complex, stuff starts getting oozed and stringed again.

    So I started investigating, what might be the problem, and actually found some very strange behaivour in the Matterslice engine. Oozing occurs. But always in the excact same spots.

    To really show what goes wrong, I am imposing a Z-lift after each retraction, to show what happens

    First take a look at this businesscard. Printed with optimal retraction settings for my printer (Prusa I3 Mendel with 3mm retraction, 100mm speed, 10mm wipe, 2 mm z-lift). For the most parts it does what it is supposed to, but take a look at those strings across the card.

    It turns out, that it does retract most of the places it is supposed to, but somehow around 10% of the non-printing moves, the slice-engine decides to just move, disregarding the settings. And it happens the excact same place each time. Now take a look at the moves in the slicer

    I put in some arrows pointing to SOME of the non-printing moves, where it just moves, without any retraction. those lines corrolate with the strings on the print.

    So something strange happens in the slicer, that unfortunately ruins a lot of my prints with finer details.

    Is there something I can do on my end?


    Dennis Schmock

    Matter Control Fan

  • So now I tested the same print with Slic3r. With that, retraction works as intended, invoking the z-lift as well, leaving no dragmarks behind. But it is soooo slow, and has other problems!

    @daeniz said:

    So something strange happens in the slicer, that unfortunately ruins a lot of my prints with finer details.

  • MatterHackers

    Good News! We also are not huge fans of this behavior and as such have been working on improving this.

    An alpha for the changes we currently have should be out in a week or two. If that isn't fast enough for you then you can build from source.

  • That is indeed very good news. I am looking forward to that. Will build and test it out.

    MatterControl really rocks, and I am glad this behavior will get sorted.

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