Prints coming out exactly 0.015 inches to tall

  • I've been printing for about 6 months, and for many of my prints this hasn't been an issue. However, I was printing different sized cubes, and they all come out exact on the x and y axis (+ or - .002 inches). The z axis however, and it doesn't matter what size I print, is always 0.015 inches to tall. I've printed 10 mm cubes, 1 inch cubes, 1.5 inch cubes. I was thinking it might be a scale issue and the top would grow, hence the different sized cubes. I've also printed 0.3 mm layers, and 0.2 mm layers. Same problem as

    It doesn't matter if printing with PLA or ABS as well. Bed is extremely level, and the parts are nice and square, no warping or anything.

    What could be the cause, and other than changing the size of the .stl file by 0.015 inches, what should I do?

  • 0.015 in is nearly 0.4 mm or 2 layers. Sounds like an issue with the calibration of your Z axis endstop. That is, your zero point might be 0.4 mm too high which would make your first layer 0.4 mm too thick. You can use MatterControl's Z offset feature to reduce the print height be 0.4 mm.

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