MatterControl Will Not Connect

  • Hi,
    so I was trying to connect to my Anet A8 with mattercontrol so I can print but when I try to connect it just says "Connecting" for like eternity
    I got this error when I started to connect when my printer was plugged into the computer:

    And this is the error when I started to connect when my printer was not plugged into the computer:

    Can I have some help?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @TheJasonPlayz

    Thanks for reaching out here, do you mind posting the straight text to the post here? I would not normally download any files linked out to another site so I am not able to see what you are seeing at the moment.

    It is possible that the Baud rate is not set correctly for the printer and the software is not able to see the printer because they are communicating at different rates. The other error you are getting off the start is something else, once I can see the error I will be able to help you out.


  • Yeah uhh,
    I'm sorry I haven't posted on here, see my dad is leaving soon and I'm trying to get as much time with him as I can, do you mind just coming back here when you get the notification?
    Thanks again for helping,

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