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  • Greetings all,

    I'm totally new to the 3d printing world and I'm having an issue with PVA. I have an Ultimaker 3, and recently ran out of their branded PVA (which I had zero issues with). I contacted the kind folks at Matterhackers and a substitute PVA was recommended. For the life of me, I cannot get it to work. I've contacted support and they've been working with me, but I haven't heard back from them for a few days and I've got some projects I'd like to get going this weekend.

    The problem seems to be that I can't find the "magic temperature" the PVA initially was burning at the default cura settings for PVA. I turned that down to 190, which solved the burning issue, but the PVA isn't coming off clean. It continues to ooze from the extruder, for a second or two, after the support is printed. When it gets to the wipe tower, it is depositing a blob of PVA that will wipe off, but as the head cleans itself, will become stuck to the side of the extruder and builds up into a mess. I don't know which settings to play with to resolve this.

    edit-Also, I'm using the UM BB printcore.

    Any advice?


  • Might I suggest lowering the temperature of the PVA even more? This would reduce the viscosity and hopefully prevent it from oozing as much. The specifications state that you should be able to print it as low as 170 C.

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