Simultaneous printers in MatterControl 2.19 "Bugs"

  • Up until the last release I was happily running "separate" instances on MatterControl 2.0, The latest upgrade appears to not support that. I am adding multiple printers to the 2.19 version and getting tabs for each printer. I have three Anycubic i3 Megas and 1 Anycubic Delta.
    bug 1) Printing is not an issue except for the incorrect flashing tab when I add a STL to the last selected printer tab (it always flashes the first tab), but at least puts the part on the right printer.
    bug 2) when I go to slice, I am never sure that the right slicing tab is open though because the right tabs do not refresh. I usually end up re-selecting the printer tabs so I can end on the one I need.
    bug 3) when I have to reboot and restart everything, I find that the wrong printer tab gets created even though I selected the correct printer from the list. I have named my printers Other Prusa i3 #1 com4, Other Prusa i3 #2 com12, etc. It may not happen on the first printer, but it did happen on the 3rd printer when I was going to connect so I could do some maintenance on it. I selected my Other Prusa i3 #3 com13, and it opened the #2 printer. I was printing with that printer at the time and had two tabs for the same one. It didn't connect at least, but I have seen two tabs disappear when deleting the same named printer at times.
    bug 4) I may be missing something, but I would love dearly to clone a printer and keep a master, so I can update my other two printers. The slicing and printing options could be shared and it would make life easier.

    That is it for the moment. I did want to say that I am able to do the printing I need to do and am in general impressed with what MatterControl can do. I just need to have it be more stable in the multiple printer scenario.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @SteveThatcher

    At the moment we do not necessarily support multiple printers running off of MC 2.0 at the same time but it is something we are working on and improving. So sometimes it will work but other times is may not work. In the future we hope to be able to get MC 2.0 running a number of printers.

    For those bugs, we would appreciate it if you could drop those into our Bug Tracker on GitHub, that way our development can see it and patch those bugs out.

  • @michael-petitclerc
    the problem is that a second instance (and third instance) is no longer allowed. At least with separate instances, I was able to keep the printers id'd. You guys are very close...

    just to let you know, Lars "added" multiple printer tab support last month and that is why I can not create a second instance (that was an exception bug for a different person). I have added the four points I outlined here to github.

  • MatterHackers

    @SteveThatcher, thanks for the feedback (and I saw your issue in GitHub). We absolutely do support multiple printers in one MaterControl instance. I don't think Mike knew we had shipped the build that had that feature yet.

    The build we are working on (expected to release in February) fixes the majority of these issues, but we will make sure to take a look at them again - in consideration of this bug.

    FYI, I will likely break your issue up into multiple issues, link to the first, then close it.

    Thanks again, we are always working to improve MatterControl and feedback is a great way to find not only what is wrong but what is important to our users.

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