MatterControl 2.0 exits suddenly

  • I'm just getting started with MC 2.0 and the first small print ran fine but the second one exited with no warning or message on a simple file that's printing fine under MC 1.5 right now. My buddy who has been using MC 1.7 said his first experience with MC 2.0 also crashed. Is MatterControl 2.0 really buggy or should I give it another try?

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    Hey @Cabacon

    We do not normally get too many reports from our users on 2.0 that it crashes without warning like you are experiencing but we welcome a crash report on our GitHub if one gets generated. I would highly recommend trying to stick to the most recent build of Mattercontrol as any issues you encounter will will try to take care of rather quickly depending on severity.

    From my experience MC 2.0 is not all that buggy, and to be honest, our tech team are going to see the majority of the issues outside of the development team.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Thanks.

    Where would I look to see if a crash report got generated?

  • MatterHackers

    If the computer is able to generate one then it could be exported but if the software just crashes without warning there you may not be able to make one up. We are tracking this same issue on the Mac versions so we may have to get any information we can from you in the GitHub on the computer and computer specification.


  • Hi, i have the same problem with MC 2.0. And i try with MC 1.75 and with this version i have the error: Connection Failed: unknown reason. My printer is a Prusa i3 EG-1(+) on windows 8.1.
    Alain 0_1547687025009_connection Failed.PNG

  • I have been keeping a log of MatterControl failures on my Mac with OS X 10.11. It is really annoying. I am not familiar with GitHub.

    Exited the program after printing about three layers with no warning or messages.

    Exited the program after slicing a file with no warning or messages.

    Exited the program after slicing a file with no warning or messages.

    Exited the program after printing about 15 minutes with no warning or messages.

  • When "saving as" MC 2.0 will exit without warning or generating an error. It also will not save the file. MC will just close out.
    Mac Mojave 10.14.3

  • I'll report the same, version 2.0 has crashed on me several times. Quite often it is on a long print where I'm not monitoring it. For now I've been restarting the computer after every print just to avoid it.

    Computer: Mac Pro (late 2013) w/ 512GB SSD, 64GB RAM
    OS: 10.14.3
    Printer: SeeMeCNC RoStock MAX 2.0
    MatterControl Version:

  • MatterHackers

    Hey Guys,

    I have been getting a lot of reports of MatterControl crashing but it has been difficult to track when it happens, to help us track this down here are the instructions on how to get a crash report even if one does not pop up.

    The following steps could produce some error logs that might tell us more about what's going on:

    1 Right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Manage.’
    2 In the menu on the left, navigate to ‘System Tools’ > ‘Event Viewer’ > ‘Windows Logs’.
    3 Click on ‘Application’ to show logs in the middle window pane, then click ‘Filter Current Log’ in the right window pane, then check ‘Error’ and hit ‘OK’.
    4 In the right window pane, choose ‘Save Filtered Log File As’. Give the file (should be in .evtx format) a descriptive name.
    5 Attach the .evtx file to an email to Describe the circumstances leading up to the crash.
    If you are encountering a crash error on Mac follow the steps described below to generate a report:

    1 Close any open instances of MatterControl.
    2 Go to the 'Applications' folder.
    3 Locate the file.
    4 Right-click and select "Show Package Contents".
    5 Navigate to 'Contents' > 'MacOS'.
    6 Double click the 'MatterControlMac' file (this will open a terminal window and start the application).
    7 Copy the output.
    If MatterControl crashes upon startup copy the message that appears in the terminal window immediately.
    If the crash is triggered by a specific event, recreate the event and then copy the message that appears.
    Send the error message to along with a description of the steps that cause the issue.

  • I logged in to report another sudden crash and read your procedure too late to capture this one. In this case, coming back to a five hour print, I found it 3/4 finished and Matter Control 2 no longer running on my Mac. Next time I'll be ready.

    Since I'm leery of running long jobs on Matter Control now, is it true that I'm likely to have more reliable operation by loading the gcode to an SD card and printing from there?

    I like how Matter Control lets me monitor progress and forecast print time. I looked at Cura, and I guess it's just a slicer and does not feed gcode to the Robo. Is that right?

    I know that Simplify123 exists at a price. I understand it's a slicer. Does it also feed gcode to a Robo R1 and let me monitor progress of a print job like Matter Control does?

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