Changes that would make Matter Control easier to use

  • I have been using the Matter control on the tablet, and on the occasions that does not work, on my PC. I have noticed that while both programs are up to date and the settings match, the prints are different in subtle ways. Typically the PC makes better prints. My printer is a Robo 3D as it came from the factory. I am not sure how to make the tablet produce the same results as the PC and I don't want to commit the PC to be a controller.

    My major frustration with matter control is the machine centric view of the process. Your implementation requires that I prepare the settings and then feed in the file to be printed. While I can create custom settings I tend to print a wide variety of things. I think moving from a machine centric view to a work flow view where the file to be printed is bound to the setting information as a job description. The queue then would not contain files to print but print jobs to execute. The various steps user input, file acquisition, slicing, preview, printing, and manual steps could be handled independently. Multiple printers could be handled naturally as resources. Since the job would specify the file you could have the file or files bound by reference and the job would take what ever file it found in the specified location and process it.

    This would also provide better access to the g-code and log information. A job model with the user supplied control information does not need to reference an .stl file it could also reference any of the intermediate steps' files. By incorporating an interface to the operator for messaging and taking input you can build job streams that will guide the operator through the required steps such as mounting the desired filament or preparing the bed.

    One additional thing that would be nice, for those of us who started on an IBM 029 (1969), would be having the job information in a text file that could be manually edited.

    This is probably too much to ask; but I thought when the time comes to look toward the next version for people doing this full time, it might make some sense.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I like the concept you've laid out for 'jobs' as opposed to 'models'. It's definitely a major shift from the current implementation, but I will make sure to share this post with the dev team so they can take it into account as they look for new ideas for the next versions.

    @TodABen said:

    I am not sure how to make the tablet produce the same results as the PC and I don't want to commit the PC to be a controller.

    MatterSlice (the default slice engine in MatterControl) can vary slightly from version to version of MatterControl, which is the most likely explanation for any slight variances in behavior from one to the other.

    The easiest way is to get the same result on both the PC and the tablet is to slice the G-Code files on the PC, load them into your Cloud Library, then run them from the tablet. QUEUE > Export > Export to G-Code

  • The interface is rather clunky. I think this also reflects the state of the art in this industry, but aside from the workflow idea, which I think is really great here are a few more:

    1. It would be really helpful when slicing large stl files if some kind of widget could let you know an estimate of the percent complete. Otherwise it can be very difficult to tell if the slicing is still going on or if MC is hung.
    2. I use the remote capability a lot, the dashboard link should be located on the initial screen or somewhere not so buried in menus
    3. I have used the send capability and it usually works, but I have noticed that in large objects, the slicing I see on my desktop is not what happens on the tablet. Big differences and I have no idea why. This is a real problem for me since I am gearing myself up to do some rather complex mathematical models and I really like having the tablet controlling things and sending images remotely so I can check progress while I am at meetings, etc.
    4. Having to first select the library to get it highlighted and then to click again to open it is inefficient and somewhat frustrating.
    5. Being able to view the tablet camera on other devices aside from a laptop with MC loaded would be really fantastic, especially if it was a real time feed and you at least have the capability to stop a print if something has gone wrong.

    I know this is a work in progress and I want you to know that I am very happy with MC so far.

  • @IvanHandler,

    You can view the camera from any device with a web browser. Just go to and login.

  • @unlimitedbacon Thanks!!

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