Error message with latest update of Mattercontrol

  • Right after updating to the latest version of Mattercontrol, I am getting an error message saying hardware error with accelerometer. I have the Rostock Max V2 not the V3. In addition, the printer disconnects before bed temp is reached.

  • It sounds like perhaps some data corruption occurred during the upgrade. I've seen scattered reports of this happening, and I'm not sure why. The easiest way forward is to configure a new instance of the printer and manually update the settings (if necessary).

    To set up a new printer, navigate to File > Add Printer and set up a new Rostock V2. If you need to copy any settings from a printer configuration from before the upgrade, you can access your old settings manually inside the database located in the data folder using SQLite Browser.

  • Hello,

    I also started receiving this error after the upgrade and am unable to get it resolved. I've tried deleting the profile and reloading new ones by applying my settings manually, several times. Can one symptom be it's just an annoying error, or is the communication with the Rostock v2 messed up? On the surface everything seems to be communicating with mine OK.

    I upgraded right as I was firing up my new E3D v6. I'm having a butt load of issues, that are likely not related, but I'm starting to wonder...I don't have an accelerometer, is there anything in the software running in it's absence that could be throwing that error? (forgive my ignorance please)


  • @dmcray,

    The accelerometer error is being reported by your printer's firmware. I'm guessing you did a firmware upgrade as part of your E3D installation. It sounds like whatever firmware you put on your printer is trying to use the accelerometer and is throwing the error because it cannot find it. There should be some way to disable this in your firmware configuration.

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