Creating a Wipe Shield for Single Extruder-Clear filament

  • Hi,
    As an experiment, I wanted to try adding a Wipe Shield (tower) around my part in order to maintain temperature during the print as an experiment for clear filament. Is there a way to create a wipe shield for a single extruder?

  • MatterHackers

    This is not supported by the current engine but you can make it happen anyway.

    1. Set your printer to 2 extruders (if not already)
    2. Add a cube to the bed
    3. make it's height .01
    4. set it to material 2
    5. Set the wipe tower to have a distance (this will make it get created)

    The slicer will not make anything for the cube but it will still make the wipe tower.

    Please let me know if this gets you some positive results. I imagine you will be better served by looking into some of our calibration articles, but I love the experiment.

    This is what my test looks like on a cone.

    wipe tower test

  • Hi Lars,
    Could you tell me how to setup MatterControl to 2 extruders? I'm kind of new with this software.
    I'm looking forward to trying the setup out and will keep you posted.


  • MatterHackers


    Unfortunately we do not have this functionality just yet. Hopefully this is something we can implement the dual print head feature in the future.

    (we can all hope for it to come quicker though!)

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