Getting a void after slicing in MC2.0

  • I have an .stl file that slices fine in Makerbot Print but MC2.0 is creating a funky void.
    This seems to be a software glitch - how can I resolve the issue?
    Thanks in advance for any help working this out.

    0_1546696327904_MC2.0 Creating a Void.jpg

  • I just uninstalled MC2.0 and installed MC1.7, and it sliced fine.
    It looks like a bug in MC2.0...

    0_1546697179545_MC1.7 NOT Creating a Void.jpg

  • MatterHackers

    Can you share this model, or a link of this model, with me?

    Also, thanks for the pictures. This actually makes it look pretty clearly like a known bug. We have a plan to fix this in the future but here's what you can do right now.

    Select the part
    Ungroup it
    Verify that that tab section is a separate part
    Slice it again

    MatterSlice is very good at merging separate objects, but we still need to improve discovering them in a single model.

  • @larsbrubaker Hi Lars, glad to get you the file - however, I am getting a message that "You do not have enough priveleges for this action," when I try to upload, here. If there is another way to get you the file, please let me know.

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